good to be back!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas break and a happy new year celebration! I had a great trip to Mexico, but am so happy to be back. One of my favorite things about Mexico is how colorful (and delicious) it is.

Some of the highlights of my trip were: visiting Puerto Vallarta for the first time, ziplining through the jungle, surfing, (and finally having time to patch up my surfboard), catching up on much needed sleep, and above all, having time to read whatever I wanted! And eating Mexican food for two weeks, I loved that.

Look at this beach we found, beautiful isn't it? Yes, absolute paradise with absolutely no one else on it. Amazing.


  1. Aww! I'm jealous. Mexico is cooler than Utah in the winter. And you don't have to shovel any snow!

  2. I hope you had fun, but i am glad you are back. I've missed your blog posts dearly!

  3. Thanks for putting me up again! I love these pics of mexico. It made me think about this blog of a ut artist that i like to follow, he made an interesting post about mexico:


    I thought you might like his stuff. Happy new year! Congrats on your goals :)

  4. Wow - you just made me miss Mexico. We would have been down there this year too with Sean's family, but they decided to rent out a cabin in Oakley instead (which was fun, but it was no Mexico). So I'm glad you got to go! Your pictures are beautiful!

  5. Excellent photography! You are so multi-talented! It looks like you had so much fun! Glad to see you back safe and sound.

  6. The famous mexico christmas trip - I always remember you guys being gone forever!

  7. Your pictures made me want go back to Mexico!
    great pictures! yep! REAL Mexican food is gooooood!


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