I think it's time.

This world of blogging is fantastic, isn't it?
In fact, it's been even more fantastic than I thought it would be.
Blogging has been good to me—really good to me.
I've met amazing people, and learned amazing things. And I'm not just saying that.
But, I think it's time to say goodbye to Made Sweet.

But what is this? A eulogy?

I simply think it's time to focus on graduation and finishing school.
I have ever so much to do.
I'll probably come back to blogging someday. And by probably, I mean almost definitely.
Except with a new blog. Someday. I'll let you know when that happens.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your wonderful comments, and for reading. Made Sweet has been fun. Happy blogging!!

(if you wanted to buy a copy of the love, love me do print but never got the chance, send me an email! You can still contact me at madesweet@gmail.com)

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