As I was doing my beginning-of-the-year-decluttering, I came across my list of "ultimate goals" for 2008—a sort of dreamlist of goals that I would like to accomplish (which included outlandish things such as 'learn how to fiddle'). And, I was surprised at how pleased I felt that I had accomplished 5 of the 15 ultimate goals:
  • get into the BFA program
  • buy a mac
  • take a surf trip to Cali
  • move somewhere new
  • compete in two triathlons
Unfortunately, I still haven't successfully stopped biting my nails. That goal has been on my resolution list for so many years now that I'm starting to grow fond of it, and I think I'd feel a sort of emptiness if it was crossed off forever. It seems to be the only constant in my life.

Anyway, the point is that I was so proud of myself that I had accomplished some of my goals, (even if I had forgotten that they were my goals) that I want to make an effort to do the same thing this year. But this time I'll set specific goals, create time lines for accomplishing them, and put them in my daily planner so that I am reminded to be working towards them. Instead of writing them in a random sketchbook which will then be shoved in my desk for the entire year.


  1. First of all, well written. Secondly, I still can't believe that you do triathalons. That's outstanding!
    Get a Gold's membership. Just do it.

  2. I got a mac this year too!! But I still haven't stopped biting my cuticles.... hmm... you win some you loose some I guess.


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