using google reader

I showed a few friends how to use Google Reader, which my friend Bridget showed me a few months ago, and I thought that you might want to know about it too.

Here's the scoop. Google Reader is great because it shows you updates on blogs, so you're not out there blog hopping, hoping to come across something new. There is a widget that you can add to your blog that will do the same kind of thing, but, I got rid of mine because it wouldn't let me put my list in anything except bold. Very annoying. So if you want to try reader, here's how it's done.

Just go into your Google account and click on reader. Add subscriptions of the blogs that you want to follow, and then when there are updates they show up highlighted on your reader like this.

Very handy. I use it a lot.

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  1. Yeah! I have been made famous on made sweet! Google reader really did change my life as far as the blogging world is considered. Love it.


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