have a beautiful weekend

photos from style me pretty


  1. You are so sweet!!! You too!

  2. Michelle did you happen to notice that the skirt my niece was wearing the other night was made out of Amy Butler fabrics? :) I love her stuff!

  3. Good job on the blog header. I hadn't even noticed it was off, but it looks great! You're fabulous, no, you're fabulous. . .

  4. So cute! The header looks awesome. Oh and I finally posted. I'm a cool kid now.

  5. Oh those flowers are just plain lovely. I just drifted to your blog but I really enjoyed looking at those flowers.

  6. Michelle I just have to tell you that i absolutely love your blog! You are so creative and talented... please keep blogging cuz i love looking at all the great stuff you post.

  7. a) i miss you!
    b) i love your blog.
    c) you have inspired me to blog...wanna help me?
    d) do you miss the trailer?
    e) i made several things this summer out of amy butler stuff...i'm obsessed with her too!
    f) congrats on the program! I"M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!
    g) lets be friends this semester...okay?! i'm serious...we're meant to be friends! all those late nights in the trailer.
    h) i wanna come see your portfolio!

  8. i love flowers. A good arrangement just make a house alive.


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