amy makes me happy

Amy Butler is my idol. I have been buying her paper for a long time, but didn't realize she designed it until recently. When I looked her up I absolutely fell in love. She designs the most gorgeous patterns. So, I wanted to let you in on her great stuff just in case you haven't gotten acquainted yet. :) And if you like sewing, she shares lots of ideas on how to make pretty much anything you could ever want to make with pretty fabrics.

*I'll finish up my portfolio posts as soon as I'm done with the move.


  1. Well the Amy Butler link doesn't take you to Any Butler, but I love who it does take you to! Jeff Canham and his designs are way cool!

  2. haha. oh right. sorry about that. I was going to write about Jeff but decided to save him until later. :) thanks for letting my know.

  3. I love those bags. I think they are so cute.


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