king george

One of the major projects that I turned in for my portfolio was a CD. We got to choose any artist, and since I love my country music, I chose an all time favorite—George Strait. I made a box set of his 56 number one hits. Yeah, that's right, 56. More number one hits than any other recording artist in any genre.

The project was huge: First I designed and handmade a box, (covered it in beautiful suede, and had everything laser printed on)

then designed and printed the four CD's,

and finally, did a twelve page booklet. (Sorry, I only have a picture of the front side.)

This project was so fun and so stressful! I was happy to have it over with.


  1. What a great idea! It would be cool to incorporate this into a keepsake box for a wedding.

  2. It's totally lovely, as is the light in the room where you take these great pics! I'm jealous. Thanks for posting!

  3. that thing was a beast....but so manly. remember brent's lust after the leather? hah

  4. You are amazing! I love it!


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