an eventful weekend

I spent the weekend on a little road trip with my cousins. We went to visit our grandparents and it was an exciting, busy few days full of laughing. In fact, one time we laughed so hard my belly ached, tears rolled down my face, and I thought I might throw up if I couldn't get myself under control.

We did everything while we were there: hiking, game playing, swimming, singing around the piano, storytelling, instrument playing, talking, scripture studying, lots of eating, and only a little bit of sleeping. We also got to hear our grandparents tell stories about their parents and grandparents, their courtship, and their experience raising our parents. It was a fantastic weekend and I felt very blessed to have spent it in such great company.

The greatest find from the trip was coming across these pictures of my grandpa during an African safari he and my grandma went on in 1958. I think they're beautiful. I love how worn, torn, and scratched the photos are. I found them tossed in the garbage (how could they throw them away?!) and I felt so lucky to have rescued them.


  1. Who is that HOT BABE by the elephant??
    I loved hanging with you this weekend Michelle!!

  2. Grandpa is such a stud! I am so glad you saved those pictures. Would you mind emailing them to me? Thanks!

  3. Wow. Is that a Sorensen or is that a Sorensen? He looks JUST like your dad! Your family always has the best adventures! Love those pics.

  4. What a fun weekend. I wish I could do the same. Maybe I will...

  5. You are a fabulous blogger. I love the photos. And where in the world did you get to go swimming in January?

  6. Becky Sorensen1/26/2009

    These are awesome! Do you have the actual prints?


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