big news!

My little sister is gettin' hitched! That's right, at the end of March. And we all know what that means—a new dress for me. :) I really wanted to wear the J.Crew dress that I'm a little obsessed with lately, but if that doesn't work out are there any other places that have beautiful/affordable/not your typical bridesmaid dresses?


  1. WHA...?!?! Becky?!?! To WHO? Has she considered looking for a vintage dress, on eBay or something like that? I was kind of looking for a dress a few months ago and I really liked J Crew, but also Jenny Yoo and others. I really spent ALOT of time looking online. Also there are some really good deals on used/worn once dresses, if she's willing to do that. Hope this helps!

  2. Oh. Oops...I got too excited and thought you were asking about wedding dresses for Beck. But really, the same suggestions would apply to you. Jenny Yoo has some cutesy bridesmaid dresses for sure. But I love THAT one!

  3. yeah Erin, I know! It's kinda crazy. She's marrying a boy she met at school. :)

  4. I would check out the dress shop online at Nordstrom. They don't carry a good selection in store, but online is great!

    Here are a few I liked:


    Also, Target has some really fun shoes on clearance right now for under $20 bucks, so you could always just find an outrageous pair of shoes with some awesome jewelry & a more plain dress & look stunning! Good Luck!

  5. I can't wait to see you in this dress. I think you will look hot!

  6. Interesting.!! J.Crew has a big selection of beautiful bridesmaid dresses at very affordable prices.


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