going green...if you're into that sort of thing

Now, I know that going green is all the rage right now and so cliche to talk about on your blog. However, even though I haven't totally jumped on that band wagon, there are some things that I don't mind doing with a more eco-friendly attitude. A couple of these being: not using so many plastic bags for my groceries, (although I still like to have enough to use as little trash bags, and since that's recycling I don't feel bad about it) and reusing water bottles.

If you don't have a good bag to put your groceries in, this is a cute and very inexpensive idea from Martha Stewart on how to make your own out of a t-shirt! I totally love it. Here is the tutorial, or if you're a more visual person you can watch the video on how to make it on her website.

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  1. I think it's great to be green conscious. So, if it's cliche, then let it be, I say! I'm totally for it. Cool idea. It's great how creative you can be while recycling things.


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