Ork posters

How awesome are Ork posters?
They have a bunch of different cities,
and...they're silkscreened.

Thanks for sharing, Kenny.


  1. These posters are so great. I am glad we can be friends now! I know Gloria and Olivia and Regan too, but that's pretty much it so I'm glad we can be friends too!! Michon told me you are at J&J. That is so seriously cool. Are you loving New York?

    And oh, I know Jennica because she's in my ward!

  2. I love them! Especially the Seattle one, since I've lived the majority of my life in that area. :)

  3. Michelle, you have impeccable taste. I love reading your blog!! And stealing ideas here and there:) I am mandating that both Danny and Jamie buy a Seattle poster for their homes in the area.

  4. Ooh! I'm with all the other Seattle fans, I love that one! It reminds me of home :)

  5. How fun are those!? I wouldn't mind owning one myself.

  6. Those are so cool!

  7. LOVE all 3 cities--- Seattle, NYC, & SF are the places to BE!!! Michelle, you are pure brilliant. Thanks for sharing your creative eye and other's creative eyes with the rest of the world. I adore you! I just got back from NY and would LOVE to come back out and visit you!!! Wish I had a $$$ TREE. You will have an A-mazing time out there. xo


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