skate skiing

Last weekend was my first attempt at cross country skiing....skate style. And it was amazing! I've cross country skied for years but have never gotten around to trying skate skiing, so I figured it was high time to do so. I'm hooked. It's a rigorous workout, (I was sore for days) and it was great to get out into the fresh air. I have no pics to share of me actually skiing, but a few of the beautiful surroundings. If you haven't tried skiing in your life yet, then do it. Any way you can—downhill, cross country, skate skiing—heck, even snowboarding. It will cure you of any ill will toward winter storms.

want more photos? right this way

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  1. I just started skate skiing last year and it is one of the most strenuous activities but I (and my dogs) love it! Beautiful pictures.


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