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Two years ago, UNICEF started World Water Week—a fundraiser where you can pay $1 (or more) for your normally free glass of water at a restaurant. Every dollar donated can provide a child clean water for forty days. World Water Week has now grown to be a nationwide movement and this year it's happening March 22-28. Find out the nearest participating restaurant and more about the project here. Spread the word! It's easy and can do so much good. Aren't we so very lucky to live as comfortably as we do?

This fantastic video was created by students from BYU's advertising lab to promote the event in Utah.

Utah Tap :: Here's to the World from Mike Morris on Vimeo.


  1. That is really a great movement... unfortunately "nationwide" did not reach me or any of my neighboring zips. Still, an important campaign to be aware of - thanks for sharing!

  2. I agree! A wonderful initiative, but it also does not cross borders...I could also just make a donation! But it seems more fun when there's the promise of a dinner out!


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