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I wanted to share my favorite photo manipulating sites. I think this is almost too much goodness for one post, but I figure everyone could use a great post on a Monday, right? So, here we go. (I'll warn you now—these things might keep you busy for much too long.)

First off is Poladroid, which lets you download a program that is super easy to use and turns your pictures into polaroids. So fantastic! (found via one of my new favorite blogs—what's mine is yours)

Second up is BeFunky. Their options are pretty similar to photobooth, but I think that their "Warholizer" is much better than the photobooth popart option. (found via ShopGirl*)

Next is TiltShiftMaker—the nifty site that manipulates photos to make objects look miniature. This one can be tricky to get a good image with, but is very fun to try.

And finally, I figure that I should throw in the "Obamifier", although you've probably seen it already. The only downside to this site is that you have to register for it.

Fun! I love them all, but think that I'll be getting most use out of Poladroid in the future.

images taken by myself


  1. such a fun post! I love the polaroid maker!

  2. jessie James2/23/2009

    Michelle I love your blog so much! This post is especially great.

  3. Michelle, you are a ROCKstar...Seriously. You're brilliant! So, I JUST discovered beFUNKY on my own over the past weekend, and wasted WAY too much time doodling around. You look great! :) Those polaroids are way, way, WAY awesome too! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and talent. I love u much.


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