Bridget Smith

All right, time to brag about my friend Bridget. She is my oh, so talented friend and such an inspiration. (I've mentioned her before because she taught me how to use google reader.)

She recently told me that her latest adventure has been painting shoes. I was very confused at first, and then realized that she was being completely literal. Check these out! She did them all herself. So impressive.

She's amazing! You can look at other stuff she's done at her art blog. And, here's the great thing—if you want to purchase some of these awesome shoes, Bridget is auctioning some of them off on this blog for a good cause! Her and her husband have been donating their time and talents in order to raise money to help baby Mia—a baby born with a severe congenital heart defect. Hundreds of people have been raising money to help Mia's family pay the medical bills to keep their dear little girl alive. Hooray for people helping people! So...you can save a life and get great stuff...check it out!

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  1. I can't believe how AWESOME those are! The things are her blog are equally beautiful!


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