tri fever

I competed in another triathlon last week, and it turned out wonderfully! It was phenomenal weather, great fun, and the perfect break from school work. Plus, it just made me happy to be outside. I hope that the beautiful temperatures will hold up for a little while longer because I'm gearing up to do a Thanksgiving tri in just a week, and it's always so much better when it's not bitter cold outside. I have a hard enough time pulling myself out of bed that early in the morning when it's not freezing.

And who would have though I could find well designed cards for this topic? Thanks to Annacote and her wonderful etsy shop!


  1. Does that triathlon happen to be in Orem? The Turkey Trot, reverse triathlon??? Because, if so, I am totally doing that one too!!!

  2. Anonymous10/31/2008

    That's awesome Michelle! You're so hardcore.

    side note: I love the new header! So sweet, so simple, so fresh.

  3. Way to go Michelle! That is so impressive-doing a triathlon!! Good luck in the next one and let me know how it goes!

  4. Whoa..congrats on your triathlon! Very impressive!!

  5. What the h? You do triatholons?! I wanna do one! I will die...but I wanna do it.
    I just love you, know this.


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