who knew?

Maybe it's naive, but until recently I had no idea that blogging was used for more than sharing pictures of newlyweds and newborns, and while this is a noble cause, it left me with little reason to start my own. But then, thanks to my coworkers (Jessi and Nancy!!) I was shown amazing blogs full of creative, pretty designs that I couldn't get enough of. Who knew? I definitely owe it to the girls for opening my eyes to blogs dedicated to sharing beautiful things!

So, I'm happy to have joined the blogging society...not only to see happy babies and family pictures...but to get in on great designs!

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  1. hey michelle! i'm so glad you started a blog! it looks great and it's fun to read. thanks for sharing those great ideas! i'm always trying to figure out how to make my house look more pretty - it is difficult sometimes with a baby and a husband. and it's nice to see you have ideas for cute things that are inexpensive!


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